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Two and Two Interview

Armchair on Bull Island © Dave Walsh 2009

I’ve done a few interviews recently, all of which have had the unexpected outcome of telling me more about myself, my photography, and my reason for doing things than I had expected. The latest interview was by the insightful writer, photographer and web designer David Moore, who has been a friend and colleague for almost 16 years. We know each other from our days in Dublin. Now, he’s in New Mexico and I’m in Brussels, we had to catch up over Skype, instead of over Guinness in Ryans of Parkgate St.

David has devised a simple, and intriguing interview format: each photographer suggests two of their own images and two by other photographers, and David asks questions about the photographer’s relationship with each.

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Photoshelter Interview: The Cold Edge

Photoshelter Interview of Dave Walsh on The Cold Edge

Thanks to Lauren Margolis, and the guys over at Photoshelter for taking time out of mopping after the recent Hurricane Sandy, to publish a fun Q&A with me about photographing in icy and very sunny conditions.

Lauren writes:

Picture this: You’re out on a ship in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. From afar, the icebergs look like moderately-sized chunks. But as you get closer, you realize that your little ship dwarfs in comparison to these monstrous beings, and they’re actually not still at all, but slowly bobbing in the water. And every now and then, a hunk (the size of your head? your car? you can’t tell from here) breaks off the side.

It might sound nerve-racking, but polar and environmental photographer Dave Walsh lives for this kind of adventure. “The frozen regions of our planet have the power to ignite imaginations,” says Dave, “but for most of the 7 billion people on Earth, the Arctic and Antarctic remain abstract and unreachable.”

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Interview with Roger Overall, on the Documentary Photographer Podcast

Iceberg: ice formations on an iceberg, Kane Basin, Northwest Greenland.
Things to lament, things to celebrate: Last week I had the pleasure of spending on hour on Skype with Roger Overall, who runs the insightful Documentary Photographer podcast, talking about photography, the state of the planet, and the relationship between the photographer and the eventual viewer.
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2XM Cold Edge Radio interview with Dave Walsh

Glacier Ice in Prins Christiansund

When I was in Dublin recently, for the launch of my Cold Edge exhibition at the Copper House Gallery, I met up with Vanessa Monaghan, who interviewed me for Ireland’s RTE 2XM radio show Culture Cafe. In the interview, I talk about the inspirations and passions that drive my work, and what draws me to the magical Arctic and Antarctic ecosystems. The Arctic and Antarctic are part of our planet – and the Arctic is not far away from Ireland – the earth is a closed, finite system – the polar regions are part of our life. It’s now threatened by pollution, and resource exploitation.

Listen to the Cold Edge Interview » (MP3, 9.7MB, 10 minutes)
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