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Millennium Image Catalogue 2020: Sea Ice Photo

Millennium Images Catalogue 2020

Just arrived in the post – beautiful Millennium Catalogue VI: AM/PM featuring my Sunset on Arctic Sea Ice sunset photograph.

View  my full Millennium Images portfolio here.

Sunset on Arctic Sea Ice - Dave Walsh 2009
Sunset on Arctic Sea Ice, Fram Strait, between Greenland and Svalbard, September 2009. In August 2012, Arctic sea ice hit a record minimum – this will affect weather and the global climate, as the ice cap reflects much of the sun’s solar energy back into to space. With sea ice melting away, the dark water below absorbs more solar energy, which in turn causes more melting. This mage can be licensed via Millennium Images. Contact me for more details, or email For prints, contact me, or click “add to cart” to some standard print options.


Arctic Sea ice in Millennium Catalogue VI AM/PM

Millennium Catalogue VI: AM/PM

Sunset on Arctic Sea Ice

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