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Judging Greenpeace’s Ecopolis photo competition

Greenpeace Ecopolis Photo Competition

I’m honoured to be judging this competition for Greenpeace Belgium: “are you a gifted photographer, or did you just eye for handsome images? Along with the photo magazine Shoot and the municipality of Bredene we organize the contest Ecopolis. Take part and win great prizes including a bicycle from Granville.”

The competition, organized with the Photo Shoot magazine , aims to illustrate the original but also sustainable solutions. How do you put in the pictures “(r) sustainable development”? Be creative: pictures of wind turbines or solar panels exist in profusion. Perhaps you you an ingenious concept that you want to save the world? Or do you know a technology has a vast potential for a greener future? A nice garden, a cool bike or a mini home can also do the trick.

The competition is open from 17 March to 18 May inclusive. A jury of professional photographers (myself included will then choose the winner. The authors of the second and third best achievements also receive a prize.

More information on the competition from Greenpeace

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