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Interview in Russia’s Novaya Gazeta about the Greenpeace Arctic 30

Dave Walsh Iceberg photo on cover of Novaya Gazeta, Russia

During the recent Arctic Nocturne here in Brussels, organised by Greenpeace Belgium, Neil Hamilton and I were interviewed by journalist Alexandre Mineev for Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, about the Greenpeace Arctic 30 situation.

It’s possible to read a Google-translation of the interview here – it more or less makes sense!

For most people, the Arctic is like Mars and Antarctica is like Venus. They do not even make up a small part of a person’s life in Brussels, Paris, London, Berlin or Moscow … with this work, with these photographs I want people stuck in evening traffic jams on the streets of Brussels and other cities, full of advertising lights, to think about how beautiful and fragile nature and this planet is and what we do affects it, consuming coal, oil, gas. All of it has consequences … “

If you can read Russian, the full article is browsable on Novaya Gazeta on Issuu –

Dave Walsh, Greenpeace Arctic 30 in Russia's Novaya Gazeta

Dave Walsh polar bear picture in Novaya Gazeta, Russia

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