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Winter Newsletter: The Cold Edge Continues

The Cold Edge Launch, photo © Alex Yallop

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Welcome to my winter newsletter, with news on the continuing Cold Edge adventure, how you can get your hands on the Cold Edge book and a chance to catch my photographs at the Christmas Exhibition at The Copper House, Dublin, from this Thursday, November 29th.

The Cold Edge

Launch Night

On September 13, The Cold Edge opened at The Copper House Gallery in Dublin. It was a wild night – I’m still recovering – and during the weeks afterwards, hundreds of people visited the gallery to see pictures, beautifully printed by the folks at Fire.  On Culture Night, when thousands of people around Ireland flock to galleries, museums and events, the show drew a great crowd. If you managed to make it along – thank you. If you missed out on the fun, and even if the pictures are no longer on the walls, please feel free to drop by The Copper House, where the friendly staff can give you a close look at the prints for yourself. Do let me know if you would like more information.

With Christmas on the way, don’t forget thatCold Edge limited edition prints, are available in a variety of formats and sizes: have a look at the selection on The Copper House Gallery website to get a better idea of what we’ve got on offer, with prices starting at €175.  The Copper House will ship the works to you, no matter where you are (on Earth) – so don’t be shy – Cold Edge prints have travelled all over the world, and have lived to tell the tale.

Where you there? Find yourself in the exhibition launch photographs. I’d like to thank Leszek, Orla, Maureen and all the team at The Copper House for turning The Cold Edge into a physical reality, and Duncan Cleary for his great speech on the night, and Leszek for his rousing introduction. What did I say? Listen to me here.

Dave Walsh: The Cold Edge

In the flesh: The Cold Edge Images, on the wall at The Copper House. And me… just for scale.

Christmas Exhibition

The Copper House Gallery Christmas Exhibition opens on November 29th, and runs until January 8th, featuring my work alongside many talented visual artists based in Ireland.

The Cold Edge Book

The Cold Edge

Need a gift idea? There’s still a couple of weeks left for ordering online – with online publisher Blurb you can still get your hands on The Cold Edge book before December 25th. The Cold Edge – which features poetry by Duncan Cleary, features not only the 16 images from The Cold Exhibition – the full Cold Edge Collection.

25% of profits go to Greenpeace.

Preview and purchase The Cold Edge book.

The Cold Edge Arctic and Antarctic Book
And in other news:

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