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September 2012

2XM Cold Edge Radio interview with Dave Walsh

Glacier Ice in Prins Christiansund

When I was in Dublin recently, for the launch of my Cold Edge exhibition at the Copper House Gallery, I met up with Vanessa Monaghan, who interviewed me for Ireland’s RTE 2XM radio show Culture Cafe. In the interview, I talk about the inspirations and passions that drive my work, and what draws me to the magical Arctic and Antarctic ecosystems. The Arctic and Antarctic are part of our planet – and the Arctic is not far away from Ireland – the earth is a closed, finite system – the polar regions are part of our life. It’s now threatened by pollution, and resource exploitation.

Listen to the Cold Edge Interview » (MP3, 9.7MB, 10 minutes)
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The Cold Edge Launch at the Copper House Gallery

Cold Edge Launch, photo (c) Alex Yallop
The Cold Edge Launch, photo © Alex Yallop

Introduced by curator Leszek Wolnik, and poet Duncan Cleary, my Cold Edge Exhibition opened on September 13th 2012, in Dublin’s Copper House Gallery, Dublin, featuring 16 limited editions prints of my polar photographs. It both was sobering and exciting to enter the gallery earlier in the day to see the work made flesh – the images that have been part of my life, part of my mind for so long, now printed, huge, and hung upon a gallery wall. From that moment, I realised, the pictures are no longer really mine – I’ve shared them with the wider world, for people to impose their own expectations and assumptions upon them. I’m quite happy about this, I have no interest in stifling my work, or worrying the chance that someone might misinterpret it. It’s out there, wild, and free to be interpreted.

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The Cold Edge: The Book

The Cold Edge Book by Dave Walsh Polar Photography
To celebrate the launch of the Cold Edge exhibition of my polar photography in Dublin, on September 13, I’ve created a beautiful 60-page eponymous book, The Cold Edge, via Blurb – print and iPad version. I’ve brought together some of what I hope are ethereal, emotional photographs of the unforgiving wilderness, wild animals and blue icebergs question our romantic relationship with remote, harsh and pristine environments. Images that resonate with a quiet tension; all may not be right in the Garden of Eden.
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The Cold Edge: Polar Photography Exhibition Dublin

The Cold Exhibition Dave Walsh

Update: Pictures from the Cold Edge Opening night

Blog from the Cold Edge launch

There comes a time in a photographer’s life when (s)he finally gets to announce the Big News; a first major solo exhibition. It’s unnerving, exciting, heartening, and reassuring. There’s also the sense of achievement, and a feeling of “yes, I was right to hammer away so for many years on something I care passionately about”. And so, many, many thanks to Leszek Wolnik, at The Copper House Gallery in Dublin who has invited me to show my work on September 13th, 2012.
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