Tasmanian Devils in Sierra Magazine & New Scientist

Tasmanian Devil

I’m pleased to see that one of my Tasmanian Devil pictures has shown up in May/June edition of Sierra Club magazine, in an article called Sympathy for the Devils. UPDATE June 28th: This image has also been used by New Scientist article, “Tasmanian devils were sitting ducks for deadly cancer”.

Tasmanian Devils, Sierra Club

Sierra Magazine

Following on from some photographs I shot in 2008, I returned to Tasmania in November 2009, and went into the field with scientists who are working on conserving Tasmanian Devils, in light of the spread of a contagious cancer, known as Devil Facial Tumour Disease which continues to decimate the population in many parts of the island.

Here’s some more images of tassie devils, and the places I visited:

See my full collection of Tasmanian Devil photographs

For more information about Tasmanian Devils, and the facial tumour disease, visit http://www.tassiedevil.com.au/

Many thanks to Adina LoBiondo at Sierra magazine for choosing my devil!

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