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Tasmanian Devils in Sierra Magazine & New Scientist

Tasmanian Devil

I’m pleased to see that one of my Tasmanian Devil pictures has shown up in May/June edition of Sierra Club magazine, in an article called Sympathy for the Devils. UPDATE June 28th: This image has also been used by New Scientist article, “Tasmanian devils were sitting ducks for deadly cancer”.

Tasmanian Devils, Sierra Club

Sierra Magazine

Following on from some photographs I shot in 2008, I returned to Tasmania in November 2009, and went into the field with scientists who are working on conserving Tasmanian Devils, in light of the spread of a contagious cancer, known as Devil Facial Tumour Disease which continues to decimate the population in many parts of the island.

Here’s some more images of tassie devils, and the places I visited:

See my full collection of Tasmanian Devil photographs

For more information about Tasmanian Devils, and the facial tumour disease, visit

Many thanks to Adina LoBiondo at Sierra magazine for choosing my devil!

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